Asphalt Driveways

The plain old black look that just keeps Canada rolling!

Nearly every road in the world is made of asphalt because it is the most economical.

Asphalt is resistant to cracking because it is made of oil which gives it more elasticity than concrete. It is easier to keep clean because it is already black. The downside is the heat that it draws on a hot summer day (because of it's dark color)!

DCT Paving - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Asphalt can also be applied over concrete or be re-applied over existing asphalt. This method is known as resurfacing, and is only as good as the base you are covering.

For example: If you apply new asphalt over badly cracked concrete or asphalt, within a year or so the resurface (the new asphalt placed on top) will also crack.

With age, asphalt becomes brittle and dries out from the elements. The older it is, the more vulnerable it is to cracking. I believe that seal coating rejuvenates the elasticity in asphalt and should be applied every 2 years.

Asphalt Berm or Curbing can also be used on Asphalt pavements. Berm is installed by the linear foot to create landscaping islands in parking lots or to prevent water runoff on steep driveways, or as a curb.

Durability: 10-30 year life expectancy

Price range: $1. sq/ft. - $6. sq/ft. installed

Maintenance: Seal coating every 2 years

What We Will Do!

Excavate and cart away old asphalt, concrete, gravels, frost rocks, weeds etc.
(extra layers of asphalt or extra materials required is added cost)
Grade up to 6" with gravel, for water run off and good base
Gravel compacted prior to laying asphalt
Asphalt spreader to be used
Asphalt compacted using Ride on Combination Roller
Asphalt compacted on average to 2 1/2" (1/2" mix with 3/4" product)
Edges banked & tamped (incl. in width where applicable)
2 year warranty (recaps & repairs not included)

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